Family Camping in Pennsylvania?s Scenic & Historic Bucks County

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Rates & Reservation Requests

Colonial Woods offers camping made affordable and is open from mid-April to November 1st each year, so that our campers may take advantage of the incredible seasonal beauty in our part of the state. We offer you a choice from 240 campsites, ten of which are pull-thru style, and most of which can handle your double slide-out RV. Our sites feature 30 amp electrical hook-ups, and are designed for RVs up to 40 feet in length. If you need extra space or are traveling without your RV, we have 3 rental trailers available for your convenience. Our brand new cabins and rental RV’s offer spacious and clean accommodations that are perfect for families that are tired of “roughing it” but still want the camping experience. If you’ve never tried camping and are looking for a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of scenic Bucks County and its great nearby attractions, without sacrificing amenities, Colonial Woods has everything you’re looking for in a vacation destination. TV hook-ups, group facilities, and tent sites are also available.

One of the lakes at Colonial Woods Family Camping Resort

Welcome to Colonial Woods Family Camping Resort

Playground at Colonial Woods Family Camping Resort

Our rates at Colonial Woods are family-friendly. They include 2 adults and your children under 17.
In addition, all taxes are included in the rates below.
2014 Camping Rates
Rates include 2 adults & three children (under the age of 18).
Type of Site April 4 - May 22 May 23 - Sept. 1 Sept. 2 - Nov. 2 3-Night Holiday Weekend
Water, Electric, Cable TV $40.00 $49.00 $40.00 $159.00
Tentsite (Water, Electric) $36.00 $44.00 $36.00 $150.00
  Halloween I, II, and III Weekends (2 nights)
All Sites $98.00
Check-in time: 3:00PM / Check-out time: 12:00 Noon
Half day fee for early check-in, when available.
2014 Specials
The longer you stay, the more you save! Call our office for special Club Rates and program.
Spring/Fall Camping Specials
Camp a minimum of 2 consecutive weekends. (Excludes holidays.)
Full price 1st weekend, 10% off each additional weekend. Free on-site storage (unplug electric).
Peak Season Weekly Special
Camp 6 nights, 7th night free.
$294.00 for 7 nights
Monthly Camping Special
Spring & Fall: $700.00 / Peak Season: $850.00
2014 Trailer Rentals

Enjoy affordable trailer rentals. Colonial Woods offers 32-38 foot rental travel trailers, each with a slide-out. Each rental trailer at Colonial Woods includes sleeping for 5 (limit of 2 adults and 3 children per trailer), two bedrooms (one with queen bed, the other with two to three sets of bunk beds), living room (with expandable furniture for sleeping, TV/cable ready), a fully equipped kitchen (with sink, microwave, stove and refrigerator), and a bathroom (with tub shower and toilet). If you are group camping, our rental trailers are mobile and can be set up to accommodate your group. No pets or smoking permitted. Please bring your own linens, towels and TV.

Sunday - Thursday
Nightly Rate
Friday & Saturday
Nightly Rate
(7 nights)
Holiday Weekend
(3 nights)
Halloween Weekend
(2 nights)
$90.00 $130.00 $660.00 $390.00 $290.00
Rental prices include 2 adults and up to 3 children.
Weekly minimum in July and August.
Reservations for weekends in July and August taken two weeks prior to arrival date.
Security deposit of $100.00 required with reservation. Will be returned by mail after inspection of trailer.
2014 Cabin Rentals

Enjoy spacious cabin accommodations. Each rental cabin at Colonial Woods includes sleeping for up to 5 persons (limit of 2 adults and 3 children per cabin), heat and air conditioning, two bedrooms (one with queen bed, the other with one set of bunk beds), living room (features a futon sofa, and a TV), a fully equipped kitchen (with cabinets, sink, range hood, microwave oven, refrigerator, and dining table & chairs), bathroom (with tub shower and toilet), and an outside gas grill, picnic table and fire ring. No pets or smoking permitted. Please bring your own linens and towels.

Cabin rental interior at Colonial Woods Family Camping Resort

Cabin rental exterior at Colonial Woods Family Camping Resort

Cabin rental interior at Colonial Woods Family Camping Resort

Colonial Woods cabin floor plan.
Sunday - Thursday
Nightly Rate
Friday & Saturday
Nightly Rate
(7 nights)
Holiday Weekend
(3 nights)
Halloween Weekend
(2 nights)
$130.00 $150.00 $820.00 $450.00 $330.00
Rental prices include 2 adults and up to 3 children.
Weekly minimum in July and August.
Reservations for weekends in July and August taken two weeks prior to arrival date.
Security deposit of $200.00 required with reservation. Will be returned by mail after inspection of cabin.
2014 Additional Fees
Children (2-17): $5.00 / Adults (18 and over): $7.50
Holding Tank Pumping On-Site
Pumping available Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.
Deposit, Cancellation & Refund Policies
A deposit is required in order to secure your reservation request.
No refunds for cancellation within 14 days of scheduled arrival date.
No refunds for early departure or inclement weather.
There is a $10.00 service fee on all cancelled reservations.

Online Reservation Requests

Make your Colonial Woods reservation requests online! Simply complete the form below, indicating your dates of arrival and departure, number of people, the type of camping equipment which you will be using, the type of site which you require, and your basic contact information. We will reply promptly to confirm availability and to obtain the necessary deposit.

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All conditions, including applicable dates, must be met. Specials and discounts may not be combined. See Specials section for details.
Deposit, Cancellation & Refund Policies:
A deposit is required in order to secure your reservation request.
No refunds for cancellation within 14 days of scheduled arrival date.
No refunds for early departure or inclement weather.
There is a $10.00 service fee on all cancelled reservations.
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Colonial Woods Family Camping Resort
545 Lonely Cottage Drive
Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972
(610) 847-5808
Toll-Free: (800) 887-CAMP (2267)

Visa, MasterCard and Discover Cards accepted at Colonial Woods Family Camping Resort

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